mountune powered SuperCar Lites

Since the introduction of the Supercar Lites in 2013, the Rallycross entry level class has gone from strength to strength globally.

Having developed the engine back in 2012, mountune has built and supplied the naturally aspirated unit for the complete Lites grid since the cars debut and continues to offer both engine and track support at each round. 

The mountune Racing Lites engine is based on a 2.5-litre Duratec base unit that's de-stroked to 2.4-litres. This modification greatly reduces NVH, in particular vibration, which can be detrimental to the engine's reliability when used at sustained / high revs, as typically found in this racing environment.

Besides Supercar Lites, this unit provides an excellent lightweight option for rally, race, hil-climb, and also sprint or kit car.


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